Cinequipt Estimate printed on April 26, 2017
5th Semi-Occasional Community Garage Sale
Location: CQ Garage
Date: Thursday May 11, 2017
Time: 10am to 2pm

It's coming back - the 5th Semi-Occasional Community Garage Sale. Dig out the old production gear that’s cluttering up your place & bring it to Cinequipt on the morning of the sale. We’ll provide power, WiFi, chairs, & a table for your stuff - and we'll do our best to bring in customers to buy your treasures. A 6’x6’ space will cost you $5 or a 12’x12’ space will cost you $20. If you don’t think you have that much, get a couple of friends to join in with you & split the cost.

The MN Film Board will be back to fire up our grill for an in-expensive lunch. All proceeds from lunch will go the MN Film Board.

As an added bonus, equipment brought to the garage sale that you don't sell can be donated to the Century College Filmmaking & Video Production Degree Program.

Century College is fortunate to be able to tap in to the grant money of a recent federal program called Leveraged Funds. It matches the cash value of donated equipment, even if the equipment doesn’t fit with their course needs and they pass it to the state offices. The value is determined by the one who donates or a simple look up on eBay.

So, clean out those closets everyone. Any video equipment or accessories that you might otherwise recycle, could be donated. Even small donations make a difference. Century College Filmmaking faculty will be present to receive your donation and help you fill out the necessary paperwork to get a tax deduction.

And by the way, they have free interns.

Contact us with your questions or ideas, & start dusting off your treasures.

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RED Digital Cinema Open House
Location: CQ
Date: Coming this June
Time: TBA

CQ will be hosting another RED Digital Cinema Open House sometime this June. Watch for more info after NAB when we'll nail down the date & time.
Roland Pro/AV Workshop
Location: CQ
Date: Coming this July
Time: TBA

CQ will also be hosting a Roland Pro A/V Workshop featuring their feature packed series of Video Switchers, Video Mixers & A/V Mixers sometime this July. Watch for more info soon.
We’re always planning the next event. Our position as a Canon Professional Production Systems Dealer and a RED Digital Cinema dealer gives us access to a wealth of technical people eager to teach you about the products you’re renting or purchasing from us. Our facility gives us a great place to host these events. Check back often to see what’s next!

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