Cinequipt Estimate printed on November 24, 2017
Kamerar BrightCast V15-345 1x1 Bi-Color Flex AC/DC Flex LED - NEW
Daily Rental Rate: $30.00
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Bend your LED panel to shape it to your lighting needs with the Kamerar BrightCast V15-345. This thin and lightweight light is flexible enough to be squeezed into tight areas unlike traditional light panels. This flexible LED panel provides maximum portability with optimal light output that makes it a great fit for any shoot.

The V15-345 is designed to withstand the most demanding shoots. With an IP67 rating, the LED panel is water resistant and dust-proof (the IP67 rating is for the LED panel only). The LED panel is protected against rain, splashing and accidental submersion in up to 1m of water. The reinforced frame gives the LED panel increased durability, improving the lifetime durability of the LED panel.

With 96 CRI LEDs, colors are rendered naturally and faithfully. They make your reds, greens and blues look just the way the should with outstanding light quality. With 256 bi-color LED chips, you get the full light output of 256 LEDs regardless of what color temperature you have it set at.


Fixture with V-mount Power Supply & Stand Mount, DC Power Cable to P-Tap, AC Power Transformer, 10' Power Extension Cable, D-Fuse DF-1L Softbox & Case.


120v AC or 12v DC via optional V-Mount battery with Power Tap. Power draw is 40 watts.

Battery Run Time:

Runs for 3.5 hours at full output with an
IDX E-HL10DS 96Wh battery.



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