Cinequipt Estimate printed on December 17, 2017
Wireless FIZ System - Movcam 3 Axis
Daily Rental Rate: $255.00
Additional Information
Movcam's dedication to smooth functionality and intuitive design has created a no-compromise system with superior performance when compared to other systems currently on the market. The 3 Axis Wireless System from Movcam features:

* Automatic or Manual motor calibration via the MCS-1 controller or the UM-3 digital motor
* Simple lens stop programming
* 4 different motor torque settings
* Changeable motor direction & controller readout when mounting a motor on the operator side
* Compatibility with Heden M2VE-L & H26VE motors
* Programmable lens library

The MCS-1 Hand Control Unit features a 3.7 inch OLED touch screen with two control modes so you can operate either wirelessly, or hardwired to the camera. The controller also gives you real time display of lens data and the ability to recall pre-programmed lens data from an SD card. This data is also user definable, so you can set up your own specific lenses and recall them at the touch of a button.

Start/Stop record trigger control is available via additional control cables for most popular cameras including the Sony F5/F55, RED Epic / Scarlet / Dragon, ARRI Alexa, Alexa Mini, and Amira. It also offers LANC control for use with the Canon C300/C500, Sony FS7/FS700 and Black Magic Cinema and Pocket Cameras.

When shooting with a RED, the handset offers wireless camera control of a variety of settings as well as the ability to control both focus and iris of EF lenses when using the Canon mount without additional lens motors

The system will be able to operate Canon and Fuji lenses, such as the CineServo and Cabrio series, using the servo motors that come with those lenses. The cables for those lenses will be arriving soon.


MCS-1 Hand Control Unit, MRS-1 Receiver Module, MD-1 Iris Receiver Module, MD-Z Zoom Receiver Module, 3x UM-3 Digital Motors, 2x D-Tap Power Cable, 2x Remote Hardwire Cable, Setup Guide & Carrying Case.


Cables available at n/c include Arri Power Cable, Arri Alexa/Amira Trigger Cable, RED DSMC/DSMC2 Trigger Cable, Sony F55 Trigger Cable, LANC Control Cable, Cabrio Cable, and CineServo Cable.



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