Cinequipt Estimate printed on November 22, 2017

On site at Cinequipt – The first of our Rental Studios

Studio C is a 45’ x 60’ (2700 square foot) space that is 25’ tall. It also features a 2 wall corner cyc (36’ x 44’ long) that's 20' tall, 24' high black drapes that cover three walls, 1800 amps of electrical service, 17 tons of air conditioning, a big air exhaust system, 360 square foot client area/production office, a 900 square foot lunchroom/production area with tables & seating for 34 people, and big bathrooms.

The best part about Studio C is that our entire rental & sales inventory is on site. Now creative changes can happen with minimal impact on your production, since we’re just footsteps away. Need a different filter or another lens? How about another light? Running low on media? There’s  no more waiting for that forgotten piece of gear that grinds production to a halt. You can get it all here.

Based on your input, we've redone the former production office space & turned it into more of a client area.  We added some work surfaces out in the production area, too.  There's also HDSDI & audio connections between Studio C and the client area and production area for your convenience.

Map & Directions to Studio C (PDF)
Studio C Floor Plan & Info (PDF)
Studio C FAQ's (PDF)
Equipment Package (PDF)

Studio C in action - Best Buy Yellow Tag Productions
"I just wanted to thank you for taking good care of us on our recent shoot in beautiful Brainerd, MN. Gull Lake sure is a gorgeous spot. As everyone warned us, the weather was crazy. Beautiful one minute, and 30 degrees and snowing the next!! Anyway, we got through it with some spectacular footage. Your gear was great; I regret that we couldn't shoot more. I hope I can work with you again in the near future."
M.B. – New York based DP